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Sugar, spice and everything nice

5th June 2019

Dear readers,

While Amy is away on maternity I will be taking over and writing most of the blogs over the next few months. We are all waiting to hear news of her little baby and hoping that she doesn’t have much longer to wait for his arrival.

So, I had to have a little think about what to write as regular blogging is a whole new experience for me and I have to admit I’m a little nervous about taking this on but I will do my best. I live in a village just north of Newbury with my husband, two children and our greyhound. I am a keen runner and cyclist (when I get the chance) and love to compete in running races and triathlon.

My daughter asked me a few weeks ago to come in to her class at school and talk to her and her friends about my job and about teeth as they are covering teeth in their current topic. So I went in last week for a session which I thoroughly enjoyed. We talked about the uses/functions of different teeth, the differences between baby and grown up teeth, common problems which occur when we don’t look after our teeth and comparing different animals teeth to see how they differ depending on their diet.

The children were all very enthusiastic and I found that they were keen to answer my questions and to tell me all sorts of stories about their own experiences. We also did a session on sugar and the children got the opportunity to work in small groups working out the sugar content in various foods and measure out the amount of sugar in each to compare. We had some interesting findings, for example, out of the two yoghurts we chose, the children’s one had almost double the amount of sugar that the adult one had. We looked at sugar content in soup, crisps and other supposedly savoury items and the children were surprised to see that there can be quite a lot of sugar in these products. I hope that they are checking all the labels at home and telling their parents that about the sugar content.

Sugar is a big issue for our teeth and also for our bodies as a whole and I believe it is important to be aware of how much we are consuming on a daily basis. Check the labels… you’d be surprised by what you find. There is a great app called “sugar smart” which uses bar codes to recognise items and tells you how much sugar is in one portion, a great way to keep track.


The children seemed to respond really well and I had some very positive feedback afterwards, it is really good to be involved with the school and I think that my daughter really loved having Mummy in her classroom.

I hope you all have a great week, I’ll be back again soon!!

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