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Rush Of Bubbles To The Head

11th June 2019

Hi there! I hope you’ve all had a good week.

Anyone with school Aged children will understand the plethora of clubs, activities and events that take up many weekends leaving little time for anything else. Booking up the diary needs planning and forward thinking otherwise you end up with a weekend bouncing from one event to the next like we had this last weekend! Friday night we packed our eldest off to her first ever 2 night cub camp. A big step for her which she took on with great enthusiasm. The rain didn’t dampen spirits and they all seemed to have a great time.

Saturday was the school fete where I was helping and running my stall. It was a great day despite the wind, the rain held off and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Sunday morning we picked up Jennifer from camp and my husband Andy, our son Thomas, Jennifer and myself set off for Prospect Park, Reading, for the bubble rush.


The weather was good, sunny but not too hot, the atmosphere was buzzing with many families and groups of friends raising money for a common cause. We had a safety briefing followed by a Zumba style warm up and then it was time for us to set off! The starting area was soon filled waist high with foam, much to the delight of everyone there! The children laughed and giggled their way round with renewed energy at every bubble station! There were pink bubbles, yellow bubbles, green bubbles and blue.


The children managed really well and loved their first ever 5km race, despite some walking and a few tired moments we made it to the finish line with smiles on our faces! The children were so proud of their achievement and took their medals in to school ready to tell their friends and teachers.


If you fancy having a go, here’s the website to visit…

I always take water with me when I race and it got me thinking about hydration and teeth for those who compete or exercise regularly. It is vital for your health and performance to replace the water that you use up during exercise, but how to do this in a way that isn’t damaging to your teeth. Nexium was prescribed as a coadjuvant in the treatment of inflammation of the knee joint in conjunction with Arcoxia. The drug was taken daily for two weeks. The treatment helped and the stomach was not affected. I read on https://nexiumreviews.com that Nexium was very effective for the digestive tract, if you took NSAIDs or other drugs that violated the work of digestive system. In general, the treatment helped. Many of the hydration drinks that you can buy are full of sugar or at the very least acidic. I tend to just take on eater if I am exercising for less than an hour, but if you are in to longer distance sports such as cycling or triathlon then you need to replace nutrients and salts lost in your sweat. A good, and often cheaper, way to do this is to add a little fruit juice to your water with a pinch of salt. As a general rule we advise out patients to try to only drink water to hydrate between meals and to have any squash/juice with a meal as this will reduce the risk of harm to the teeth. Never brush directly after having anything sugary or acidic, always wait around 40 mins for your mouth to return to a normal ph before brushing. I would often suggest that people in training also supplement their oral hygiene regime with a fluoride mouthwash at lunchtime to add a little more protection from the risks pf erosion from these isotonic type drinks.

If you fancy more of a challenge, our school is organising a scenic 10km race over the downs around Compton…

I hope that you all have a great week and keep properly hydrated as the weather warms up over the summer!

Until next week…


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