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Making The Dream Work!

17th April 2019

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous last couple of weeks – I can’t believe we’re now halfway through April with Easter already upon us! Bring on the extra-long bank holiday weekend (and chocolate!!) – I think we’ve all earned it! If you’ve followed the blog at all, you might remember that, while…

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Tea for Two

2nd April 2019

    Hi everyone! I’m back! How quickly does 2 weeks fly by!? It only seems like it was only 5 minutes ago I was telling you all that I was disappearing off – and now it’s back to work, back to the good old 6am alarm, and back to the 7am traffic! Lucky the…

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Can you spare 60 seconds?

19th March 2019

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a brilliant weekend – fingers crossed you managed to get through it without being blown away! Hats off to all my netball girls, and all those half marathon runners – any sport this weekend must have been an utter nightmare! I feel this week is a good opportunity…

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An overdue catch up!

14th March 2019

Hi everyone! I can only apologise for the length of time it’s been since I last wrote to you all! It’s been a hectic couple of weeks my end, and there’s just been no time at all to scribble anything down. I suppose we’d better start off with ‘HAPPY MARCH’! We’ve made it out of the…

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It’s what’s inside that counts…

14th February 2019

Hi everyone! How on earth are we nearly halfway through February!? January seemed to last forever, yet February is flying by, and throwing all the elements at us while it’s here! I hope the winds didn’t affect you too much this weekend – I was definitely a bit fed up after my park run, it…

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It’s snow joke!

11th February 2019

Happy February Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the snow days we had over the weekend – what a way to kick off the month! We all made it in on Friday morning, but ended up shutting up shop at 1pm to make sure we all made it home safely. Before we went, we did manage to make…

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Back with a bump!

29th January 2019

Hi everyone! We’ve nearly made it – January is nearly over! The longest month of the year is almost out of the way – we can start to welcome the daylight back to both ends of the day, and money back to our bank accounts. How have the New Year resolutions held up? For once,…

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Menopause & a moisture-less mouth!

22nd January 2019

Hi, My name is Jo.F and this is my first blog for the Briars! 🙂 last week my voice completely disappeared, lost, mislaid and vanished! No sore throat, no cold – just whispering without apparent reason!  Now my family, friends & colleagues found it hilarious, I even forgot I didn’t have a normal voice & wondered when…

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Try Something New…

15th January 2019

Hi Everyone! So this week Amy has been extremely busy in surgery and not had a chance to write her blog. This is a new experience for me so hope I do not ramble on too much =) Amy has kindly given me some inspiration for this week- as she talked about New Year resolutions…

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New Year, New You?

10th January 2019

Hi everyone! Happy New Year to you all! I can’t believe it’s just over a week since we welcomed 2019, and a whole two weeks since we were all celebrating Christmas – it’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! It was a dry Christmas for me this year, so instead, I…

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patient Testimonials

A short note to send my sincere thanks to Nick French for helping me overcome my 30 plus year fear of dentistry! Karen

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a grand job with my fillings yesterday! Julia

Thank you for fitting the Somnowell Snore Guard and how professional the services was right form the first assessment... Karl

Thank you for doing a super job on my filling – looks so much better :) Kate

Thank you for being kind and dealing with my terror and silly behaviour of not having been to a dentist in so long. Margaret

Thanks for my lovely new tooth, now I can feel my mouth again, it feels great!

Just a brief note to say how much I appreciate the fact that you fitted me into your busy schedule yesterday... David

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with all the the work you have done with my teeth and mouth generally. David

Keep up the good work and hope we meet again sometime. Pearl

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